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Dr. Michael Sulik


Michael received his B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University-Camden in 2006 and his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Arizona State University in 2013. Prior to joining the SPARK Lab in 2016, he worked in the Institute of Human Development and Social Change at New York University. 

Michael studies how children’s early experiences influence the development of self-regulation and socioemotional learning, and how these skills contribute to mental health and academic success. He is also interested in assessment and methodological issues in developmental science.

SPARK Lab Publications:

Sulik, M. J., Townley-Flores, C., Steyer, L., & Obradović, J. (2023). Impacts of two public preschool programs on school readiness in San Francisco. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 62, 194-205. 

Sulik, M. J., Finch, J. E., & Obradović, J. (2020). Moving beyond executive functions: Challenge preference as a predictor of academic achievement in elementary school. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 198, 104883. 

Sulik, M. J., Haft, S. L., & Obradović, J. (2018). Visual-motor integration, executive functions, and academic achievement: Concurrent and longitudinal relations in late elementary school. Early Education and Development, 28, 956-970. 

Sulik, M. J., & Obradović, J. (2018). Teachers' rankings of children's executive functions: Validating a methodology for school-based data collection. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 183, 136-154. 



(650) 725-4147