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Postdoctoral Scholars


Doctoral Students

Master's Students

Undergraduate Students

High School Students

Alumni Ph.D. Students

Dr. Carrie Townley-Flores, Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University

Dr. Emma Armstrong-Carter, Assistant Professor at Tufts University 

Dr. Jenna Finch, Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Dr. Sarah Bardack, Senior Researcher at Imagine Worldwide

Dr. Elisa Garcia, Senior Education Researcher at SRI International

Dr. Nicole Tirado-Strayer, Senior Research Associate at WestEd

Dr. Parissa Ballard, Associate Professor at Wake Forest University

Dr. Ximena Portilla, Research Associate at MDRC

Alumni Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Meghan McDoniel, Research Associate at Child Trends


Dr. Aisha Yousafzai, Harvard University

Dr. Anne Shaffer, University of Georgia, Athens

Dr. Charles Nelson, Harvard University

Dr. Amanda Tarullo, Boston University

Dr. Keith Burt, University of Vermont

Dr. Janette Herbers, Villanova University

Dr. Nicole Bush, University of California

Dr. Tom Boyce, University of California